Supporting Poorly Children

Open throughout the school holidays summer 2021

The health and wellbeing of our children is of paramount importance to all parents. But unfortunately not all children enjoy good health.

Play in the preschool years enables children to explore and make sense of the world around them. At Gym Jams, we want to ensure the importance of play is recognised and valued, we are passionate about advocating for children’s’ right to play, especially for those who face barriers to access such as ill health. We are keen to support families who are facing difficult health journeys, by offering the opportunity for little ones who are clinically vulnerable or immunocompromised to enjoy the soft play first thing in the morning before the other children arrive, free of charge. The equipment will have had a full clean ready for the day ahead and the child will have exclusive use of the facilities. As always, anyone with an infectious illness or gastric upset should not attend.

What does immunocompromised mean?

The immune system is how the body fights off diseases and protects itself against new infections. Therefore, someone who is immunocompromised will usually get sick more often, stay sick longer, and be more vulnerable to different types of infections.

Eloise has been undergoing chemotherapy and has enjoyed a couple of visits to Gym Jams recently, her Mum writes:

“Eloise has really enjoyed a new experience – Soft Play! A wonderful company in Guildford, Gym Jams, has been exceptionally kind and let Eloise use their soft play for half an hour (all Eloise can manage) before they open for other children, and for free. This has been utterly fantastic – it’s great from a physio and general play perspective (and infection-safe) and Eloise now regularly asks for ‘soft play!’. We are so grateful.”

– From the blog: Eloise Zoe March 2022

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