Our Guildford soft play is a popular activity destination in Normandy, Guildford, bringing fun and development for infants, with high standards of cleanliness, health and safety. Soft play centres and facilities have become quite a common sight over the years, and with good reason. Soft play is actually highly beneficial, even for babies, and parents and carers and also finding the routine activity good for their own wellbeing too. So, why is soft play good for babies and toddlers?

A good soft play is designed so that even babies can explore in their own way, navigating in a safe way, always supervised, and alongside others. This is not just a source of fun, but it also gives them the experience of being around other infants, learning to share their space, and observe and learn from their peers. Babies and small children using soft play will be able to explore at a pace that is comfortable for them, and slowly build up their confidence as they learn how to do new things such as crawl, toddle, hold on, roll over, and climb over and under equipment. This can build confidence, self-esteem and motor skills from a very early age.

Gym Jams Guildford soft play also offers parents and carers the opportunity to chat amongst themselves and meet new friends, which can be highly beneficial, especially for those who only have infants for company – a coffee and some adult conversation can feel like a godsend!

Gym Jams is designed for children between the ages of 0 and 4 years. It is run by highly experienced staff, overseen by someone highly qualified in many areas of children’s activity and development. Babies and toddlers alike gain a lot from attending a soft play, so why not give it a try.